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JLG-Dimension & JLG-DimensionLight

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March 2018 JLG-DimensionLight 7.0 for CS5, CS6 and CC (MacOs And Windows) You can use tolerances..

December 2017 JLG-DimensionLight 6.9 for CC and CS6 (MacOs And Windows) I added dual measure to measure using two different units at the same time (millimeters and inches for instance). Noow, it's possible to use dotted lines.

September 2017 JLG-Dimension 13.7 for CC and CS6 (MacOs ) and JLG-DimensionLight 6.6 for CC and CS6 (Mac And Windows) New units (Ám and km). Thousands separator to get 12,345,723.76 instead of 12345723.76.

August 2017 JLG-Dimension 13.6 for CC and CS6 (MacOs ). The color dialog has been improved. You can use a spot color, a process color or the registration color for lines and/or text. JLG-Dimension and JLG-DimensionLight exist in French, English and German.

July 2017 JLG-DimensionLight 6.5 for CC and CS6 (MacOs & Windows). Now, you can use spot colors or process colors.

February 2017 JLG-DimensionLight 6.4 for CC and CS6 (MacOS & Windows). More parameters for the angle tool and the circle tool. The interface has been enhanced.

October 2016 JLG-DimensionLight 6.1 for CC and CS6 (MacOS & Windows). More parameters for the segment tool.

January 2016 JLG-DimensionLight 6.0 for CC and CS6 (MacOS & Windows) or for CS5 (Mac only). One more tool for JLG-DimensionLight. The new tool is used to get lengths and areas.

December 2015 JLG-DimensionLight 5.2 for CC and CS6 (MacOS & Windows) or for CS5 and CS4 (Mac only).

More settings for JLG-DimensionLight .

November 2015 JLG-DimensionLight 5.0 for CC and CS6 MacOS and Windows. A new Bezier tool in JLG-DimensionLight and more settings. September 2015 JLG-DimensionLight 4.1 for CC and CS6 MacOS and Windows JLG-DimensionLight is a very easy to use version of JLG-Dimension. It's the same as JLG-Dimension but without the panel and with 3 tools only.

August 2013 JLG-Dimension 13.0 for CC and CS6 MacOS only. Very important update.

July 2013 JLG-Dimension 12.5 for CC MacOS only.

January 2013 JLG.Dimension 12.3 for CS6 MacOS only.

JLG.Dimension has new functions.

October 2012 JLG.Dimension 12.1 for CS6 MacOS only.

Now JLG.Dimension is compatible with the dark interface of Illustrator CS6.

July 2012 JLG.Dimension 12.0 for CS6 MacOS only. January 2012 JLG.Dimension 11.4 for CS5, CS4 or CS3 MacOS and for CS5 or CS4 Windows. A new tool added to measure easily the lengths and areas. ENGLISH, GERMAN and FRENCH versions.

November 2011 JLG.Dimension 11.3 for CS5, CS4 or CS3 MacOS and for CS5 or CS4 Windows. Now, it's possible to use the center point of an object to measure a segment and not only anchor points.

September 2011 JLG.Dimension 11.2 for CS5, CS4 or CS3 MacOS. A new function very useful. Click once in the panel to activate the tool.

August 2010 JLG.Dimension 11.0 for CS5, CS4, CS3 MacOS or Windows. Very important update (free update for all registered users).

May 2010 JLG.Dimension 10.7 for CS5, CS4 & CS3 MacOS. JLF.Dimension 10.6 for CS5, CS4 & CS3 Windows.

March 2010 JLG.Dimension 10.6 for CS3 & CS4 (MacOS & Windows). The Bezier tool has been improved.

January 2010 JLG.Dimension 10.5 for CS3 & CS4 (MacOS & Windows). Now, it's possible to dimension a Bezier curve with the segment tool.

ENGLISH, FRENCH and GERMAN. Free update for all registered users. 5 new tools added to the tools palette of Illustrator. With these new tools, you can dimension SEGMENTS (horizontal, vertical or parallel to the segment), ANGLES, CIRCLES, ARCS, BEZIER curves and get the lengths and areas. With the segment tool, you can dimension the lenght of an arc clicking on it. New, with the angle tool, you can dimension the angle of an arc clicking on it. New, with the circle tool, you can dimension the radius of an arc, clicking on the arc itself or clicking each extremity of the arc. New, with the Bezier tool, you can draw the tangent to a Bezier curve, you can draw the local radius of a Bezier curve, you can divide an angle (2, 3, 20, 100 or more parts) and draw easily the bisector. You can also divide a segment in parts (2, 3, 20, 100 or more parts).

August 2009 JLG.Dimension 10.4 for CS3 & CS4 (MacOS & Windows). Now, the Bezier tool measure the length between two anchor points of a curve.

October 2008 JLG.Dimension 10.0 for CS, CS2 (MacOS & Windows). An older version exists for Illustrator 9 .

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